Menu Plan Monday – Best Laid Plans or the week we tried to eat Fried Rice!

I *thought* I was working two days this week and then doing in-service for one day but after being called in today and yesterday it will be a total of 4 days work which is good for the bank balance but throws the house into disarray.

However some plans have worked out and some haven’t and I’m trying not to think about an anticipated morning at the knitting shop!

Sunday – Sausages, mashed potato and veggies

Monday – was meant to be Fried rice but we were all delayed by massive storm and I was exhausted after a day of extreme heat and no air con so dh made a chicken curry for us and gave the boys sandwiches – not with a smile!

Tuesday – was meant to be Fried Rice again and I had everything chopped up and ready to put it together when dh walked in with pizza!  I went ahead and cooked up the Fried Rice and now it will be tomorrow night’s dinner!

Wednesday – will be Fried Rice!

Thursday – we eat at the shops.

Friday – Fish and Chips

Saturday – Hoisin Pork

I’ve baked Banana and Malteaser Muffins on Sunday and as of Tuesday night they are all gone so I’ll chalk that one up as another success


Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday

My excuse is that Organising Junkie who runs this meme is – er a little bit behind us in the USA so her MPM post did not appear until this morning.  The comment was made last week that vegetables didn’t feature but I can assure you that they are included in most meals.

Monday (Valentines Day Dinner) Spaghetti Bolognaise and Choc Mint Drumsticks for dessert

Tuesday – Caramelised Chicken with egg noodles (includes bok choy)

Wednesday – Sausages, mashed potato, broccoli, peas and carrots

Thursday – Dinner at Indooroopilly

Friday – Quiche and Salad

Saturday – Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Braised Steak with rice, beans, carrots

Menu Plan Monday

I haven’t done this in AGES and I’d fluffed around about doing it today because I wanted to plan more than dinners.  However there is no time like the present so here goes:

Monday – Bacon and Eggs

Tuesday – Sausages and Mash

Wednesday – Beef Rissoles and veggies

Thursday – eat at indooroopilly

Friday – Dh and I are going to Trivia Night at school so we’ll be having pizza from here! – yummy!  The boys will get whatever is going at Grandma’s house

Saturday – Lemon and Honey Chicken – new recipe that is from the Weight Watchers Australia site but was submitted by a member.

I was going to plan lunches but I haven’t done and supply teaching yet this week and I know I won’t be tomorrow because a I have a lunch date with my best friend who is down from Cairns.  However, I am aiming to work out all the points and have lunches planned so that I can throw things together really quickly if a I get a call and even the night before if I know where I’m going the next day.

Menu Plan Monday October 5

Time to get into a good routine this week so I’ve planned the meals and written a shopping list and I’m going to stick to it as much as possible.
Monday – Sausages for boys, frozen casserole for me
TuesdayCorny Chili – probably cooked on Monday night as it is only 3 hours in slow cooker then re-heat Tuesday night
Wednesday – Grilled chicken with salsa verde – from WW magazine
Thursday – Take Away – I’ll be having my usual Vietnamese Salad
Friday – Little Athletics – some sort of substantial snack for myself and boys in the afternoon then a hamburger during the meet if I’m lucky!
Saturday – Mexican Chicken tortilla wraps – from WW magazine
Baking – Chocolate Wheaties Biscuits (cookies for my American readers!) I’m working my way through two little cupcake and cookie books I got from the goodie bag at the movies last Wednesday night.
Apricot Cake – from the WW magazine again so I have a healthy option for school lunches.
If I am super organised I might be able to post a picture of something I cook!

Menu Plan Monday September 21

Monday – Beef Strognaoff in slow cooker – I wasn’t entirely happy with this. I’ve misplaced my slow cooker book and I used a recipe off the net from the Sunbeam site but it was for a larger quantity and it just tasted a bit too bland for my liking
Tuesday – Spaghetti Bolognaise – my 4 year old nephew is sleeping over and I know he likes his “psketti”
Wednesday – Chicken Fried Rice – just with D because E is having a sleepover so that I can take D shopping the next day with his birthday money and without the “advice” of his big brother who would not be able to stop himself giving said advice.
Thursday – I’ll be having a caramelised pork salad from my favourite Vietnamese place at Indooroopilly and boys will have take away something
Friday – Roasted Pork Fillet with Plum Sauce
Saturday – Green Chicken Curry
For my lunches – Brown Lentil Salad with Tuna and Olives – hopefully I’ll get this made for lunch tomorrow
For Snacks – Weight Watchers Mars Bar Slice – which is a “no bake” recipe ideal for the heatwave we are having

Menu Plan Monday

I planned and started cooking yesterday so the week is well and truly started. I also went and bought a load of fruit and veggies from Fruity Capers in Toowong Village with the boys last weeks so when I need to snack I’ve got the fruit on hand. If I can keep up my pace at the gym I should be getting somewhere.

Last night I made cheddar and corn muffins and potato, leek and bacon soup.

Tonight, Monday – steak and vegetables – we’re still eating parts of the meat tray Anthony won a few weeks back
Tuesday – Beef Tips over Pasta – in the slow cooker because I have a few things on tomorrow
Wednesday – Oven baked fish and chips
Thursday – Wholemeal Spaghetti with WW sauce for me, boys – take away after hockey training
Friday – Grilled Chicken with mushroom sauce
Saturday – Veal Strognaoff
Sunday – Beef, Vegetable and Parsely soup

Menu Plan Monday

Ok, I’m giving this another go because we need planned meals so that we consume some vegetables and other healthy stuff so here is the plan for this week:
Monday – Leftover Slow Cooker Curry
Tuesday – Meatloaf with roast tomato, kumara mash and broccolini (Weight Watchers Mag)
Wednesday – Beef and Red Wine Casserole in slow cooker
Thursday – Fend for yourself night – I’ll be at Underwater World with my school kids!
Friday – whatever dh cooks or orders because I’ll be putting my feet up after a night with very little sleep
Saturday – Maple Mustard Chicken with Roast Potatoes (Weight Watchers Mag)
Sunday – Bacon and Potato Soup (Weight Watchers Site)