Just call me the human pin cushion

I started having regular massages about three years ago. I haven’t been every two weeks for the past three years but I find that life is so much better when I stick to the two week regime. I’ve had a couple of cases of whiplash in my time and my neck will never ever be quite the same. But the massage keeps everything moving comfortably just like oiling the joints of a machine.
After enduring almost two years of treatment for infertility in order to have my beautiful boys I was not keen on the idea of needles/acupuncture and I told them that when I first started having massages. However I was talked into it and the result speak for themselves. Tonight I’ve had treatment for my sinuses and associated headaches and they feel clearer already. If you’d asked me three year ago whether I’d care to volunteer to have needles stuck in various parts of my face I would have told you where to go. But it works. I can walk into that clinic, tell my massage therapist what is going on in my life and he can do something about it. It is mostly covered by our private health insurance and the out of pocket expense is worth it. So even with my income about to becoem more precarious for the near future this is one expense I’m going to keep on having because being able to move and feel comfortable in your own body is just essential.


Back to Routine

School begins for me tomorrow with a Pupil Free Day and it may as well be beginning for the boys because they have to be out the door with me at the same time to be minded by my parents. A and I have had big discussions tonight and one of the topics was the need for a regular routine rather than taking each day as it comes. So I went back to a routine I planned the the start of the year, tweaked it and we’ll give it another go. It means I only get one longer afternoon at school which is difficult but I need to get the boys home to do homework regularly – even D is going to have home readers this term so the trade off may have to be some weekend work and sticking rigidly to the early mornings especially when the boys have before school care.
The other big ticket items on my agenda are a regular sleep routine and getting to the gym regularly so we’ve got gym times in the routine. I’ll report back here so people can cheer me on when I get to the gym, and cheer me on even more when I lose weight!
So here’s the plan for school weeks in the McNamara household:

Mondays – Before School Care, Drop boys to Grandma and go to gym
Tuesdays – Afternoon tea at the shopping centre and library visit/small grocery shop
Wednesdays – After School Care/Staff Meeting, Gym
Thursdays – A picks up boys, Weight Watchers, Hockey Training (for the boys)
Fridays – Leave school at 3:30pm – good day for play dates!
Saturdays – Hockey at 8:30am (for the boys), Gym

Wish me luck for getting up early in the morning!

A New Year of Sorts

No doubt the title of this post will send Ms F off to check her calendar again but I’m talking financial years here. The boys have had a sleepover with my parents tonight so like the exciting couple that we are, we took the opportunity to pull out all our receipts and bank statements etc ready to file our tax return. I’ve slackened off in this department big time since I started working pre-marriage and pre-children of my own. I used to have an exercise book for each financial year and I would religiously glue in my payslip for each fortnight and any receipts for work related expenses. I remembered to check my odometer every time I went to an in-service away from school and wrote down all my kilometres travelled. My accountant loved me!
Things have changed in that the payslips and PAYG statements are now all available on-line but I’ve resorted to tossing receipts into a drawer when I thought of it and often forgetting about it altogether. I still use the same accountant but both he and A have hankered for the old days where I kept everything more methodically. So I’ve made a little notebook for this financial year which will have a page for each fortnight as before. I’ve glued in my first receipt from a wonderful “child free” visit to the “teacher’s shop” today and written down the totals of pay, long service leave and sick leave for this fortnight. I aim to keep doing this so I have a rough idea of how much sick leave I have at any given time.
The photo shows my cleared desk, my new notebook and my shiny new Mac (not really new but I still feel like it is!) My desktop is the 12 Key Zen Habits from here . “Goddess Leonie” was inspired by this blog which is one of my all time favourite reads. The cleared desk is one of the 12 habits and I’d like to work on the rest!