What Works For Me 64/365 When one bite is enough

Cannot let the Easter season pass without a mention of the dark chocolate bunny that you need only a little bite of at a time.  Makes it last MUCH longer.


What Works For Me 63/365 Lessons Learned

I look at things like “bubble painting” and I think yep, easy, we can do that.  Thankfully I still decide to check things out beforehand quite often with my chief preschool activity tester Daniel.

Now I know:

  • even an 8 year old needs to think about blowing rather than sucking (he didn’t have any bad accidents thankfully)
  • less is more when it comes to the amount of liquid needed
  • food colouring is way better than paint mixed with water

Am looking forward to trying out the “real thing” this week when “Bouncing Ben” comes to preschool!

What Works For Me 62/365 Speaking for the Trees

My preschoolers and I love all sorts of things about “The Lorax” and today we talked about speaking for the trees.  Because trees cannot speak we have to speak for them so they don’t all get chopped down.  I’m already thinking that it could be a good follow on tomorrow to write down some of the things we could say on behalf of the trees,

I thought this would be a fairly fuss free craft and it mainly was except huge differences between children who could twist two pipe cleaners together and children who couldn’t. (I twisted a few more pipe cleaners than I had anticipated!)

What Works For me 61/365 Goosebumps


This will sound conceited but I’ll say it anyway and I guess it is a case of “you had to be there” but singing the Celtic Alleluia in a huge darkened church lit only by candles gave me goosebumps last night and truly heralded the beginning of Easter for me.

Happy Easter everyone!

What Works For Me 60/365 Over and Under the Rainbow

  This was an idea that grew out of St Patricks Day and associated rainbows and was inspired by the work of Deborah at her TeachPreschool blog.  When doing 3-D paper sculpture with her children, Deborah has them glue the pieces and then hold them for a count of ten to make sure they stick.  My children loved this!  I had demonstrated the process to the group and a few children took off with it and then demonstrated and taught each other what to do.  The results were wonderful and I have displayed them in a way which defies gravity in the hallway that leads to our room.

What Works For Me 59/365 All it takes is some egg shells

Sometimes my life is made a bit easier by the fact that preschoolers are easily impressed.  On my day off on Monday I used some of our out of date eggs to crack and keep the egg shells.  After boiling and bleaching they were ready for egg shell sculptures.. We let the preschoolers loose with cardboard bases and PVA glue and they loved it.  It was material that was solid and yet easily broken so they could manipulate lots of tiny pieces.  Some went for using the large parts as much as possible while others concentrated on arranging lots of tiny parts.  It probably isn’t a “pretty” craft but in this case the process was way more important than the product.

What Works For Me 58/365 HOLY Thursday

There’s a saying I was heard that whatever you are doing on New Year’s Day you will be doing for the rest of the year.  So on New Year’s Day this year I plucked up the courage to join the choir at St Ignatius for Sunday Night Masses. It has been an awesome experience.  I sing soprano and so usually do the melody with a few others when the other parts are happening but it still feels like magic every time the choir starts singing in parts and the different notes all blend into something wonderful.  The congregation often applauds at the end of the final hymn and I always wonder why because to me it is just a group of people making their contribution to the Mass.

The knock on effect from all of this is that Eric was asked to become an altar server and he has adapted to this role with great relish.  So between the choir for me and altar serving for him we have a very busy Easter ahead of us.

Last night I was able to get away from work early enough to attend Mass for Holy Thursday.  For many years I’ve thought that I *should* go to Mass on Holy Thursday but it hasn’t happened since I was still at home at Ashgrove.  After last night’s experience I don’t think I would ever want to miss Holy Thursday ever again.  I was tired from the Easter festivities at work – parading, easter egg hunting, crafting, crowd control etc etc etc and I think that has been the case for many years – but I drove through the city in record time and was able to take a breath before Mass.

The music was difficult in parts because there are many hymns and chants that are only used at this time of the year and that were unfamiliar to me but the work we put into rehearsing them was very satisfying.  At the end of Mass on Holy Thursday the Blessed Sacrament is moved from the Tabernacle to another location until after Good Friday.  There was a procession out of the church led by the priests with candles and special robes and we sang the refrain, “Jesus, remember me when you come into Your Kingdom” over and over, down the stairs of the church, around the back of the building and into the hall below.  The mood in the hall was quiet, reverent and prayerful and after one final hymn we left in silence.

The silence was refreshing for me.  So much so that when I turned my car on to go home and the radio came on I turned it off straight away and just drove, savouring the silence.

Today is Good Friday which for my family traditionally means sleeping in, hot cross buns and maybe a good “Jesus” movie but Eric and I will be at Church this afternoon for the celebration of the Lord’s Passion.  It won’t be as “quiet” as the end of last night but still very meaningful.