Jack of all trades?

Long time no blog again!
It isn’t like I’ve forgotten this blog but life has been frantically busy and while doing other things and reading LOTS of other things I’ve been pondering the future or even future direction of this blog. Lots of questions have been bubbling up. Should I kep blogging? Will anyone read it?
I’m sure there’s not many around to read it as I haven’t been blogging very much and that leads to another question about building up an audience.
I don;t know if I’ve got what it takes to build up an audience. For starters My blog is a little bit of everything. I’m a mother but don’t have enough material to be a Mummy blogger. Although I will be writing about “Technology Diets” and “How to not kill your soon to be teenager” in the near future.
I’m a teacher and I’m very pleased with a lot of what I’m doing in the classroom especially with Daily 5, Rolem Maths and Words Their Way but I don’t know if that is enough to build myslef an audience of “teacher readers.”
I’m a knitter and crafter but not doing nearly enough of that to have much to write about. Certainly not like my BFF Ms Fifikins who has her own weekly knitting podcast!
I like to say I’m losing weight and write all about that but it ain’t happening just yet and I am certainly not an expert dog owner – even though we have become a lot tougher since Christmas.
What it all boils down to is that I’d like to keep blogging and it will continue to be a little bit of everything.
There will be something for Mums, teachers, crafters and anyone else who is interested. The discipline of regularly putting thoughts on paper (or on-line) is a good one for me and helps me put life’s happening in perspective.
And why the Bronco photo you may ask?
He’s the main subject of most of my photos these days. Hmm, better take some more of the childerbeasts.


4 Comments on “Jack of all trades?”

  1. Wendy says:

    You don’t need to blog for an audience. You can blog for you…

  2. Thank-you Ladies! 🙂

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