Just call me the human pin cushion

I started having regular massages about three years ago. I haven’t been every two weeks for the past three years but I find that life is so much better when I stick to the two week regime. I’ve had a couple of cases of whiplash in my time and my neck will never ever be quite the same. But the massage keeps everything moving comfortably just like oiling the joints of a machine.
After enduring almost two years of treatment for infertility in order to have my beautiful boys I was not keen on the idea of needles/acupuncture and I told them that when I first started having massages. However I was talked into it and the result speak for themselves. Tonight I’ve had treatment for my sinuses and associated headaches and they feel clearer already. If you’d asked me three year ago whether I’d care to volunteer to have needles stuck in various parts of my face I would have told you where to go. But it works. I can walk into that clinic, tell my massage therapist what is going on in my life and he can do something about it. It is mostly covered by our private health insurance and the out of pocket expense is worth it. So even with my income about to becoem more precarious for the near future this is one expense I’m going to keep on having because being able to move and feel comfortable in your own body is just essential.