What’s New Pussy Cat?

There are LOTS of new things in my life at the moment (and lots of things are staying the same which is somewhat reassuring).  Biggest thing is the change from teaching to working in the museum system, working in an office instead of a school and most of all having flexible working hours.  So without further ado I give you my list of new things in my life:

If I get up the road early enough I can buy a paper on my way to work.

I’ve got enough flexi-time and TOIL saved up to have two days off.

I have a telephone beside me for most of the day – this has been a big adjustment and I still jump sometimes when it rings.

I get to use a radio and “radio jargon” when I’m working on my own or in a distant part of the museum – Roger that. Over and out.

I’ve learnt to use a drill with screwdriver to fasten and unfasten screws – it is the first time in my life I have ever handled a power tool.

On many days I can set my little to-do list for the day and then get to do most of things on my list – there are not too many unexpected things that come along.

I have a corner of a cubicle to call my own – much smaller space to look after than a classroom.

I push trolleys everywhere almost every day.

I’ve driven a ute.

I’ve worked on a Sunday and been paid for it.

My colleagues in my team often spend the day working just 2-3 metres away from me – sooooo different to only seeing people over lunch and afternoon tea!

I can skip making my lunch any day of the week and buy it.

I can set my own agenda to a certain extent and do the things that require more brain power in the morning when I’m at my best (after a coffee!)

I get to plan things and prepare things thoroughly so that I can deliver learning experiences of a very high quality.

I don’t do playground duty – ever!

Wet weather at lunch time just means that some hot food may go down nicely rather than camping out in a classroom gulping down a sandwich in the corner if I’m lucky.

I imagine there will be those who read this list and say so what? But these things listed are all pretty big for me because I was NEVER going to leave teaching.  I don;t think I’m going to say “never” again about anything after the past 12 months so I may go back to the classroom some day.  But f I do my life and career will be so much the richer for having had this experience of a working life outside the classroom no matter how long it lasts.


On Being a Better Blogger

I haven’t been the best of bloggers this year but I’m aiming to change that so I’ve embarked on Problogger Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to a Better Blog I certainly can’t guarantee that I will get through his program in 31 days but so far I’ve done day 1 which is writing an elevator post or a pitch saying what my blog is all about.  You will find it if you look over at my sidebar.  Tonight I’m going to do a list post and another little project I have in the pipeline is a “knitted” blog header.  I don’t know if blog headers are in the 31 days project but it is an idea I have had for a while.

The fundamental way in which I will getting better at this blogging business is by blogging more often.  I’m also going to try to link to more posts and join in with a few memes that come along from time to time.


I’m still playing along with Helloowl’s My Place and Yours Meme but I’m cheating rather badly because I saw last week’s theme and loved it and just had to blog about it even though the time was up so I hope she forgives me and doesn’t ban me forever.

Deep breath.

You see, my favourite colour has always been green.  To be truthful I do have a few pink things around the place but that is more of a survival issue when living with three boys – I know they won’t touch anything pink!  But back in the day I was a green lover.  I was delighted when my parents finally agreed to paint my bedroom walls green because they picked out what they thought was a nice delicate pale safe shade of green only to find that on four walls all reflecting off each other it was a much stronger colour than they had bargained for.  I was in heaven.  It was the perfect place for my china (and plastic and pottery) frog collection.

We’ve got a bit of a green thing happening in our living area with pale green sofas and a light green as part of the pattern on the large floor rug but nothing major.  One day when I get to re-decorate the master bedroom it will be green, white and natural tones.  It will be so much more relaxing and inviting than the yellow, grey and white colour scheme it has now (what were they thinking?).

But I have a start with my green desk.   It is actually a re-purposed kitchen table from my MIL’s place so it could most likely tell a few tales of when dh was a boy.  It is just the right size for our current house arrangement in which my computer resides in my bedroom meaning I can escape to do work/waste time on the Net.  Without getting out of my chair I was able to quickly re-arrange things on the desk to make a collection of green things very speedily.  All these thing were already on my desk which shows how much I like green and how disorganized I am because many of these things probably should be elsewhere.In this picture you can see (from left to right) Clinique lipstick in a nice neutral shade (All Heart) that goes with almost anything – only the case is green, Green felt pen and green gel pen – I love gel pens and I love metallic gel pens the best.  One downfall of my new job is less opportunities for using gel pens -seriously! green packet of tissues always on hand, green Smiggle paperclip holder which is a bit strange to tell the truth because my other green Smiggle stuff has made its way to my desk at work – this might have to go on a drive tomorrow, green fabric paint that was sitting there with some red fabric paint from the beginning of the school year when I redid the names on the boys’ school bags.  Hey it’s August so I may as well not put them away because I’ll need them again soon! Terracotta plant pot painted with green metallic pain and then treated with crackle medium for that aged look and some faux jewels for glamour because don’t we all need some more glamour? Pale green Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton waiting to be knitted into something yummy as it’s official colour name is “sorbet” and lastly some green glass stones left over from the Little Athletics conference dinner which were just too pretty to leave behind.

So there’s my green stuff and a resolution in my mind to think green when re-decorating in here one day


I’m finally playing along with Helloowl’s Meme again!  I read it each week and think “that’s a great idea – must blog about that” and then somehow I don’t get around to it.  But this week’s was going to be easy because I knew exactly what I wanted to blog about.  I went looking for my girl guide promise badge.  It is the Centenary of Girl Guides this year and I’ve been invited to a high tea at The Irish Club in town.  But I couldn’t find it after a short search so I’ll have to look a bit more.  Then I thought I’d get a picture of one off the internet – no good.  They’ve changed the badge since I was in Guides and I cannot find any images of our older style ones so for an image to go with this post you will just have to put up with the Girl Guide Centenary logo and a list of memories.

The blue corduroy dress I wore to my first guide meeting before I had a uniform

The Guide Handbook – reading it cover to cover

The Badge book

Lots of interest badges

Lots of cloth badge on a grey camp blanket

The lanyard and whistle that meant I was a patrol leader

Poinsettia Patrol then Wattle Patrol

Camping out in old ridge tents with no floors

Building gadgets (camp furniture) out of wood and cord

Putting together a bed roll

Big campfires

Cooking over trench fires

Lighting and cleaning kero lanterns

Learning first aid and home nursing for the first time

Creating simulated wounds

Lots of knots

Wide Games

Bras up flagpoles


Snow Skiiing



Helping fight a bushfire


BP Park

Many awesome women

Play along by visiting Helloowl’s blog here