52 to Fabulous Week 2

It certainly is baby steps at this time of the year with entertaining the boys on school holidays as well as trying to get things running smoothly around the home.  This week’s task was to list some “needs” from last week’s “wants” list and the biggest needs I have were the top three wants – getting fit, eating healthy food and getting into good routines.

Then there was the suggestion that baby step be made towards one of these.  Well, I’ve got my desk clear of everything except what is being worked on – books being covered for Eric, materials for a Bible study I’m doing and routines printed out and easily accessible.  It doesn’t mean I’m following them yet but it is a step in the right direction.  I used Mum’s sewing machine for a while this afternoon to finish up some cross stitched ornaments from last year as well as making the ling for a knitted bag I’ve done and all the sewing stuff is cleared away so the desk is ready for action.  That in itself makes me more inclined to get things done.


52 to Fabulous – Week 1

I’m joining in this project here because I want to achieve good things this year. I’ve had a break from just about everything and now is the time to step up and start getting things done again. The categories for each month are follow with my wants for each category.

January – Fabulous Beginnings – getting into good routines and being really well prepared for relief teaching
February – Fabulous Organization – getting routines fine tuned and getting the family more involved
March – Fabulous Fitness – build up my stamina and lose weight
April – Fabulous Food – cooking more meals, baking more things for school lunches, making more interesting things for my own lunches
May – Fabulous Style – hair and make-up
June – Fabulous Fun – planning birthday parties for the boys
July – Fabulous Hobbies – knitting up a storm
August – Fabulous Finances – making a budget
September – Fabulous Food – more of what was done in April
October – Fabulous Health – stress management and sleep
November – Fabulous Home – making the bedroom a sanctuary
December – Fabulous Blogging – building up my readership

The big three of these?

Fabulous beginnings

Fabulous Food

Fabulous Fitness