What Works For Me 52/365 One of Life’s Necessities

It may be basic but it is so wonderful to push that button and then have no need to take any further plumbing action!


What Works For Me 51/365 – The Layers Below

There has been so much excitement in the House Of Mc this week that I almost can’t stand it.  A new toilet and a new laptop.  In the process of obtaining the former we got to see a little snippet of the history of our house from the 1970s.  Am I glad our toilet wasn’t still wall papered like this when we moved in!

What Works For Me 50/365 What are you giving up for Lent?

This little fellow has given up computer games (which leaves more time for Lego villages). I’m so proud of him!

What Works for Me 49/365 Some Days I get to Paint

This time it was to make jungle leaves for the pre-school room.

What Works For Me 48/365 – Monkeys!

These may look like fairly ordinary monkeys to you but they have taken pre-school by storm this week.  It is just the front and back of a monkey torso and head, coloured in, cut out and glued together with some crossed over pipe cleaners in the middle for limbs.  The finished ones are hanging from many points around the ceiling as part of our “jungle”.  This activity was a bit of a diagnostic tool as well – there were the ones who can’t yet use scissors, those who can’t use glue and even those who can’t hold the pen securely enough to colour – whew!  I just take a deep breath and re-assure myself that I will never run out of things to do in pre-school.

What Works For Me 47/365 Ice-Cream Supreme

I’ve been very good with my eating this week, lots of water, fruit and rice cakes with salmon for lunches.  But it is impossible to say no when your 8 year old announces that he is preparing “Ice-cream Supreme” and then presents you with this.  Have I ever told you how much I love custard?

What Works For Me 46/365 And the World did not end…

Last night I had had enough.  Homework wasn’t done, chores were not done and the sole focus was “finishing the next battle” on the computer.  I sat down at the computer, put passwords on accounts and parental controls that limit access to certain hours.  Then I sat back to watch the evening unfold. Apparently we ruined Mr 11’s life big time, and he was never talking to us again and never doing any chores and everything was hopeless.  he ranted and raced and we ignored him.

Then after dinner he thought he might make a mobile about Federation (as in Federation of Australia 1901) because he is learning about that in History this year.  So we worked together to find images and text and cartoons on that theme.  I printed them out and kept working on my learning stories (I’m averaging 3 a night to keep up with February) and he sat beside me, happily cutting out and planning how we would laminate them and put the mobile together.  I did almost wonder if it was the same child.

Tonight we laminated, cut out some more and stuck things together.  Neither of them got on a computer and we had such a peaceful, relaxed evening.  Not sure if I should ever give them their new passwords…