Cutting the Cord (in a manner of speaking)

The experience with the puppy continues to echo those of having a baby.  Just when we had dog-proofed everything at floor level he learned to put front paws up on a seat so he can get at all manner of interesting things.

He’s getting better on the lead because he has lots of practice at night when he take him down to do the necessary on the lead so he doesn’t taste test a toad (and die!).  He’s pretty good at “sit,” he sits and waits very politely when we put out his dinner and he comes when called by Anthony or I.  The boys don’t rank highly enough in the “pack” for this apparently.

Our next big hurdle is leaving him home alone.  At the end of this month he’s going to be spending school days mainly on his own.  There are some neighbours that are going to pick him up for puppy play dates or visit him especially at lunchtime but he’s going to have to get used to some solitude.

We’ve started by going out for short periods and locking him under the house.  For those not familiar with Queensland conditions and housing we have “battens” around our house which let plenty of cool breezes in.  He has a spot to relieve himself and a big water bowl.  So far we’ve been feeding him, giving him a run around and then shutting him in while we go out and so far it has been a success.  Yesterday he happily hung out under the house for over an hour.

The plan is that when he is a bit bigger and we have more fencing he will be able to come and go from under the house as he pleases.  It is actually the coolest spot to be in the hot weather and he is not visible from the street.

Our next steps in this process will be leaving him for longer periods, buying a kong and letting him learn how to use it, freezing treats and getting some more puppy toys so he has variety.  We will also be walking him every morning and going to the dog most afternoons. Ok, I’m almost a novice dog owner and definitelyImagea novice puppy owner so how do you think we’re going?

And what will happen if Bronco eats a rhinoceros beetle?


2 Comments on “Cutting the Cord (in a manner of speaking)”

  1. isildael says:

    I think you’re doing great! Especially considering the number of puppies that have apparently ended up in the pound here as a result of being poorly considered Xmas presents : (
    I don’t know that I’d have the energy to go through that puppy stage again!

  2. Lizzy says:

    Hi! I nominated you for a Liebster Award and would love for you to participate in the fun!=) Learn more, here:

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