School Holidays – Staying in the Groove

The boys are on holidays and I am not, but we are dealing with it.  I did flex off from work today so I could take Eric and his cousin Emma to a “Softie” workshop at Threads and More.  It was really Emma’s 8th birthday present but we sent Eric along for company.  I know children should learn to make their own fun and be able to amuse themselves in the holidays.  But I think it is good to have some structured activity in there especially if it involves learning something new and producing something you are really proud of.

As for the rest of the holidays we’re farming out the boys to various different places and dh will have some time off.  But to keep our sanity we will still be going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time, trying to eat regular meals, trying to keep up with the laundry and the house.  Because we didn’t have sporting commitments last weekend I took the boys and two friends to work so that they could experience the event that I’ve been working so hard on and that took up most of Saturday.  It was  just marvelous to be able to stroll around after them and interact with all the different elements that I had been working on.  As it is a “Great Train Robbery” Daniel spent a total of two hours (in two different sessions) in the police station going through evidence and was thoroughly absorbed.  I’m going to have to make sure I keep his investigation sheet which was filled with wonderful Daniel hieroglyphics probably known only to him.  Eric was just as enthusiastic but was also keen to do the Blacksmiths tours and a few other things so I think I could safely take them up there during a non-event period and they would still be well occupied.

I’m planning another trip to the city museum on the weekend but we’ll have to fit it in with Eric’s sleepover plans.  I’d also like to see a movie or two with the boys.  I’m just getting used to the fact that we don’t have to do everything during the day and that they can handle some late nights if necessary.  Our holidays are going to be very different from now on but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.


Haven’t Died. Have been to heaven.

Happy Birthday to me!
Well not for another 22 days officially but I’ve received a wonderful gift this evening. One of my best friends F, who is down in Brisbane from Cairns for a work related course, took me out to the Gold Class Cinema at Indooroopilly for a special preview screening of Julie and Julia. As if that wasn’t good enough in itself There. Were. Party. Bags. and free drinks and a free appetiser. Of course we both needed a serious de-briefing after the movie because it was fantastic so we had “supper” down at the Pig and Whistle.
There was so much to talk about that I seriously need that week in Cairns with F (yes that where E and I are headed in November!) Without giving out too much information we NEED to cook Boeuf Bourginonne while I am in Cairns. We were wondering if this was the first movie with a blog as part of the central plot. We think blogs have no doubt been mentioned on many shows and in movies but not central to anything.
We also talked about this blog and I shared how sometimes it is a challenge to think of the positive in my life which is what this blog is all about hence the title “What Works For Me” but how the very act of thinking of the positive is a good thing in itself. That is especially true now as I am in such a period of transition and change in my life. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the changes and forget the positives.
We discussed who might be reading this blog. I have it in my e-mail signature although not in flashing lights or anything but it goes out with almost every e-mail I send.
So if you are a reader please think about identifying yourself if you are comfortable with that. You could do it publicly in the comments or send me an e-mail at .
Either way I’d love to hear from you. I don’t have Google analytics or anything very technical on my blog to track who’s visiting although F might introduce me to that while I’m in Cairns. So if you area reader and you don’t want to be identified you won’t. So don’t be worried or anything. I’m just interested.


Some readers may know that A’s Mum had a fall last year and broke her hip. Unfortunately she had another fall on Friday at the casino and has sustained another slight fracture at the top of the hip joint which the the doctor says will not require surgery but needs some extended “rest time”. She has been in hospital for a couple of nights now and will remain there until the drs decide what to do with her based on two sets of x-rays. The boys went to see her with A yesterday morning and A went back tonight and was there when the doctor came around so that was good timing. She really likes her independence and her trips to the movies and the club and the casino so I don’t think she’ll take kindly to being cooped up for too long!
I’ve had a bit of time away from the family over the weekend especially yesterday. A hasn’t had any time off work these holidays and it has been pretty full on with the two boys plus assorted visitors so yesterday morning I took myself off to knitting group at Threads and More (who are now blogging). It seems to have re-ignited my knitting mojo and I’ve been going hard at it since yesterday. There’s a few more squares and rectangles needed before I can start putting together my patchwork top but I am well over half way there so I tipped out my knitting bag to take a picture of all the colours. I’m loving the Noro yarn – as well as changing colour every so often as I knit it is made a blend of 45% silk, 45% kid mohair and 10% lamb’s wool so it feels just delicious!
Then yesterday afternoon I took advantage of the fact that Bowls was not on (for the first week in ages) and I went to the movies to see a “grown-up movie” (as opposed to G-Force which I took the boys and their cousin to and nearly fell asleep in). I saw the remake of “Fame” and I quite enjoyed it. It had good messages about following your dreams and accepting the obstacles that come up in your pursuit of dreams. Life may not always go as planned but you find a way to deal with it and just keep on going. There were some great songs in it and I walked out wanting to buy the soundtrack CD. That hasn’t happened since Bridget Jones!
The dust storms, dryness and high winds have played havoc with my sinuses for th past few days especially today so it has been a quiet day inside for me today – in bed this morning with a bad sinus headache and wielding my “knitting sticks” again this afternoon. The dust seems to have settled (literally) for now so it looks like tomorrow could involve some cleaning projects. The boys will become well practiced at washing my car because they did it last Sunday before the dust storms hit!