What do I really need right now?

Thanks to a very generous friend who has negotiated her way through peak hour traffic to pick me up last Thursday and the Thursday, I’ve been able to re-join Weight Watchers and start again.  I know that quite a few people who know me well will be saying to themselves, “Here she goes again. What will be different this time?”

Well, there are quite a few differences already.  I’ve got a Chronic Condition Health Care plan set in place by my wonderful GP which will give me access to an exercise physiologist (a cross between a personal trainer and a physiotherapist).  My GP will be keeping a closer eye on things and the nurse who is part of the practice will keep up with me too.

I am still seeing my wonderful physio as my ankles continue to heal and he and I have been discussing possible exercise options for now while my ankles are still quite wobbly and weak and later when I can do more weight bearing exercise.

I’ve been to the gym and was quietly pedalling the recumbent bike as I had been instructed by the physio when the trainer asked if I would like to join in a weights circuit with three other ladies.  After a bit of encouragement from him, I did join in and much to my amazement, I was able to complete a 45 minute circuit with very few modifications.  It was the most amazing feeling to do that successfully.

I’ve got a great circle of friends who are “in the loop” about my efforts and are encouraging me every step of the way. Eric is right behind me cheering me on and Daniel, who still lacks tact and diplomacy at almost 8, has asked whether my big belly (which he illustrates by holding his arms out wide) to going to shrink up to the size of his belly.  Probably a bit extreme but he is being positive in his own way.

One of my friends is going to join the same Weight Watchers meeting as me so I will be meeting up with her each week.  I can’t say how glad I am about this.  Not only will I get a free pampering session and she a 3 month movie pass due to a membership promotion but I will look forward to seeing someone each week who is truly on my side and has much the same dry sense of humour as myself.

However the number 1 things are weighing in each week (which involves fronting up the the very formidable Carol) and staying for the meeting.  I certainly won’t paraphrase the meeting content here because if you want that you should really go to Weight Watchers yourself. But when we recieve information, we all process it in different ways and take away our own responses and hopefully, action plans.

This week was all about monitoring hunger signals.  We discussed the difference between being so hungry that you would eat almost anything to having eaten so much that you feel like your clothes would burst.  Ideally we should aim for something in between.  That is going to happen for different people in different ways but for me hunger signals are controlled when I eat small amounts often during the day, keep moving and maintain my water intake.  Please excuse me for a moment while I uncap my trusty water bottle and take a big swig.





Ah, that’s better.

We have discussed many mantras and saying that we can use to keep our goals in mind and to stay on track.  It was recommended that we have a saying that describes ourselves at a healthy weight in the present tense and includes some tings we can do or have achieved.  Mine is:

I am slim, fit and focussed.

Then I thought more about what would help me to monitor my hunger signals and indeed, lots of other signals from my body and I came up with this:

What do I really need right now?

Some of the answers to that question in the last few days have been:

salad instead of chips

baked fish instead of crumbed fish

more water instead of more coffee

one small dessert that I really liked instead of just eating dessert whenever it was offered whether I really liked it or not

doing my physio stretches

walking a few more steps

keeping up with my pain relief so I could keep up with moving more and healing faster

not staying up for the end of the movie/tv show but going to bed when I needed to

taking a nap during the day when I needed it

doing something pleasurable during the day

talking to people who woud help me with making good choices

So far in one week I have lost one kilo.  But that isn’t really important in the big scheme of things because I have gained so many other really important things.


Another Knitting Metaphor

A very dear friend of mine has recently taken up knitting.  I am absolutely thrilled about this as it almost feels like I have a knitting protegee.  I only wish we lived closer to each other so we could sit down together with some good coffee and yarn – and knit. LOL!

Her first project was, quite wisely, a cotton discloth which she knitted over teh course of about a day.  I told my boys about her starting knitting and how she’d finisheda project that took a day and Daniel was heard to remark, “Well she must be a much better knitter than you!”  At age almost 8 he lacks a lot of diplomacy and can put people in tehir place very abruptly.

When my friend’s first project was finished, she sent me a text saying that it had a bit of a factory second look about it.  That immediately reminded me of my dream balnket that I began knitting during a time when things weren’t going very well.  The first panel had many, many mistakes but as I progressed there were hardly any.  I’m not attempting to fix the mistakes because they are not enough to make the blanket unravel and just like certain events they will be around in the future where they will remind me of where I was a at that time.  It is something like how most people will remember exactly where they were when the recent royal wedding was taking place.

My dear friend, the new knitter, has also faced some challenges lately.  I’m hoping she will be able to look back at her dishcloth sometime in the future with its slight imperfections and to remember how she went on to re-shape her life after some hurdles.  I hope she also recalls how the simple repetitive movements gave her some momentary serenity and calm in teh middle of some turbulence.  There is no doubt in my mind that she will get through this “rough patch” and be even stronger and wiser for doing so.  And in the meantime, she can just keep knitting!