Plan A and Plan B

As I write this the working week stretches out in front of me as a blank slate.  I have no days of work lined up as yet and I don’t really know what will be happening.  However I have to plan a few days in advance so that I get things done and I stay in touch with people or else I can end up at home doing not much at all.

So, Plan A for tomorrow is working if I get a call in the morning.  Plan B is taking the boys to school, helping in Eric’s classroom and then making an appearance at the gym hopefully not causing any heart attacks amongst the staff seeing as how they haven’t seen me for so long.  I also predict some ironing and “finishing” work on two different knitting projects.  I’d like to get dinner done ahead of time because Dan is having a swimming lesson but I’ll have to see what is happening.  I’ve also got two after school “coffee dates” organised with colleagues during the week and book club on Friday night for which I gave myself a night off from Little Athletics.

(Just as side note, there is another good reason for not appearing at Little Athletics on Friday night.  Master 6 disgraced himself yesterday afternoon by “mooning” the Under 7 girls while they were together waiting for an event.  Maybe a night off will give people more time to forget!  It is Centre Championship weekend so I will be there on Saturday afternoon anyway.  We have laughed a lot at D’s antics but there have also been some stern words about what is acceptable in mixed (or any) company!)

If I don’t work on the other days I’m going to go around and deliver some more “relief teacher” letters to local schools.  I’m also searching the job sites each day for any new prospects because I’d much rather have weeks that are planned to be full of action rather than facing the great unknown every Sunday night.


Talking It All Over

It is a bit lonely being home, alone and unsupervised for days on end but on Thursday I spent time with two different friends talking about life, work, weight, housework and lots of other issues in between. One of the things I miss most about school is having the chance to have a good chat to other adults each day and being able to bounce things off people so Thursday was great. I’ve really clarified for myself where I am heading on my journey to better health and well-being as long as all the other things I need to do as a wife and mother.
I’ve set a goal at Weight Watchers to lose 5kg by December 3 and I think that if I can achieve that it will give me the forward momentum to keep on losing weight. I’d like to lose more than 5kg by then but that is the minimum.
Three main things I’m going to do to achieve this are:
Finding my 30 minutes – I can really relate to the ad campaign about finding 30 minutes a day to exercise. Contours is 5 minutes away and it takes 30 minutes so there is really no reason why I can’t go there 6 days a week but we’ve set 3-5 days as a minimum for that.
Tracking my food intake – I use e-tools on the Weight Watchers site so I can do this quickly and easily each day – so there is no real excuse for not doing it. I’m actually putting it into a word document and printing it out to take to my meeting next week for added accountability.
Planning my meals – I made a pork casserole in the crock pot on Tuesday before I took the boys to swimming lessons and came home to find A with pizzas because “he didn’t know I was going to cook” (I always ring him if I’m not going to manage dinner). He then announced that he didn’t like the look of the pork casserole so it is still sitting there.

Edited later to add:
After I’d stormed out of the kitchen A did have the sense to divide up the pork casserole into containers and freeze it so when I got back from yesterday afternoon’s adventure with the boys I had a packet of 90 second brown rice and my pork casserole for a nice healthy dinner.

The Week That Was

I seem to have done a lot of “tail chasing” this week. My motivation levels are really up and down so I seem to have tackled small parts of many tasks without getting a whole lot done. So I’ve done part of the washing. I’ve been to the gym only once and I planned and cooked meals for part of the week. I feel a bit guilty about this because I certainly don’t have work to get in the way of me getting things done at home but everyone keeps telling me that it will take time to establish a routine.
On Wednesday I went to a social Knitters group at Threads and More. It seems to be a very social group and I got a lot of knitting done. I also got a lot of knitting done last night while I watcher Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with Eric (who has read the book!). I went to a Trivia Night at school on Friday night where I sat at the Prep parents table. We didn’t do particularly well at the trivia but we certainly had a good time.
The biggest task was probably the Little Athletics Sign-On day yesterday where we signed up 77 athletes which is a bit down on last year’s numbers but still promising. I was much less stressed this year as I know the registrar job now and I had spent a lot of time getting prepared. Eric came and helped as a “model” for the uniform and to hand out the extra water bottles and ticket books for families with more than one child. He was very useful to have around so I’m hoping to persuade him to do it all again next week when we are likely to be even busier.
We packed about 100 goodie bags to give out at the sign on yesterday and today I went back for a Little A’s working bee where I packed about 100 more. It is good to have all of that “stuff” out of my house after only a week. 300 water bottles take up a LOT of room.
My goals for the coming week involve exercise – there’s no reason why I can’t go to the gym 6 days a week as it is only a 30 minute session and cooking – I’ve planned meals, something to bake and a salad that I can make and eat over a few days. I hope to be reporting in with some more progress next week!