When there is so much water

That your rainwater tank is overflowing and you have to connect the hose and let some of it run down the gutter it is very important to make the most of the situation.  So Daniel and I did indeed make the most of the over supply of water both from the sky and the tank on Saturday and sailed paper boats down the gutters in our street.  He literally immersed himself in the experience, crawling along in the water in the gutter and floated each little boat until it was well, pulp.  Then we made some more and kept going.  We did lots of walking up and down in the rain, had lots of scientific discussions and generally had a great time. I hadn’t realised that waterproofing, wind speed, water volume and the cleanliness of our neighbours’ gutters would make it into the conversation but they did.

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I have been quiet on here and almost everywhere else.  So quiet in fact that some of my on-line friends had started sending messages to ask if I was ok. (Thanks F!)  I am ok mostly but struggling with the juggle of work and home which is even more complicated now that the boys are on their long school holiday.

The other thing that has occupied my time quite a bit is the new improved Weight Watchers program.  I’ve been tracking my food and exercise, blogging on the Weight Watchers Site, taking part in challenges and in the first week on the program I even lost weight! Then I put it on again in the next week because I was supposed to work 12 days straight, I was running my first museum event and life got very crazy!  But that is ok.  I know it is a good program and I know that people are getting stunning results from it.  if I put my head down and focus on it a bit more I will also get stunning results and I am not exaggerating here.  It really will work if done properly.

In light of our financial issues and to use up some beautiful yarn that I had knitted into something I was never going to wear I embarked on a little project of selling coffee cup cosies on e-bay.  Or should I say, tried to embark – haven’t sold one yet.  But it is early days, I’m investigating the best ways of getting them out there because I have enough beautiful yarn to make lots and lots of them and now thanks to a lovely friend I have a good assortment of vintage buttons to use on them.  Please DO NOT feel that you must buy one just because you’ve read this but if you can help with any sales advice I would be grateful.  (I won’t be grateful if you are a spammer however!)  I’m not planning to go into business or start a market stall or anything grandiose like that but if I can make a little trickle of money flow in that is associated with something I love to do it will be a positive thing all round.

To make things “work for me” over the holidays I’ve made a list of suggestions on our kitchen whiteboard for the boys and they are earning stars (which actually turned out to be spots because I thought I had stars but I really had spots).  These will be converted into family oriented awards throughout the holidays and hopefully keep them practicing some of their skills which need work – think sentence construction, handwriting, reading, piano practice and you’ll get the idea.  But that can be the topic of another post at another time.

I’m here. I’m busy. But I need to be blogging so I’ll try and check in more often.