Menu Plan Monday

I haven’t done this in AGES and I’d fluffed around about doing it today because I wanted to plan more than dinners.  However there is no time like the present so here goes:

Monday – Bacon and Eggs

Tuesday – Sausages and Mash

Wednesday – Beef Rissoles and veggies

Thursday – eat at indooroopilly

Friday – Dh and I are going to Trivia Night at school so we’ll be having pizza from here! – yummy!  The boys will get whatever is going at Grandma’s house

Saturday – Lemon and Honey Chicken – new recipe that is from the Weight Watchers Australia site but was submitted by a member.

I was going to plan lunches but I haven’t done and supply teaching yet this week and I know I won’t be tomorrow because a I have a lunch date with my best friend who is down from Cairns.  However, I am aiming to work out all the points and have lunches planned so that I can throw things together really quickly if a I get a call and even the night before if I know where I’m going the next day.


2 Comments on “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. Beet says:

    I need to start putting up a menu plan on the side of the fridge again so everyone can see it. Thanks for the reminder

  2. anissa says:

    you only have veg once a week on that menu, oh and one day with mash….. eat more veg missy!!!!!

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