Menu Plan Monday – Best Laid Plans or the week we tried to eat Fried Rice!

I *thought* I was working two days this week and then doing in-service for one day but after being called in today and yesterday it will be a total of 4 days work which is good for the bank balance but throws the house into disarray.

However some plans have worked out and some haven’t and I’m trying not to think about an anticipated morning at the knitting shop!

Sunday – Sausages, mashed potato and veggies

Monday – was meant to be Fried rice but we were all delayed by massive storm and I was exhausted after a day of extreme heat and no air con so dh made a chicken curry for us and gave the boys sandwiches – not with a smile!

Tuesday – was meant to be Fried Rice again and I had everything chopped up and ready to put it together when dh walked in with pizza!  I went ahead and cooked up the Fried Rice and now it will be tomorrow night’s dinner!

Wednesday – will be Fried Rice!

Thursday – we eat at the shops.

Friday – Fish and Chips

Saturday – Hoisin Pork

I’ve baked Banana and Malteaser Muffins on Sunday and as of Tuesday night they are all gone so I’ll chalk that one up as another success


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