Museum Musings

We’ve had a long but happy day.  It wasn’t helped by the fact that two boys stayed up very late playing Minecraft last night.  However we headed off using various combinations of public transport suggested by Translink (which really works to get you places faster) to the Queensland Museum and Science Centre.  Lunch was expensive but soon devoured so we could head into to Exhibit at the ScienceCentre.  There were lots of people and there was a lot of noise but my crew were undaunted and made sure they explored everything.  Favourites were the kaleidoscope where we stood inside a triangle of mirrors and it looked like we were standing in a crowd of “us” and the place where we could move around casting our shadows on a wall and see them sprinkle confetti. I didn’t attempt the smoky laser maze where you had to dodge and weave to avoid setting off alarms because I think Catherine Zeta Jones did the best job of that in Entrapment. I left my skin tight black lycra at home (just as well!) so i wasn’t really dressed for it either!playing with light7303_10151605758806757_1359334722_n543158_10151605758501757_90312636_n

HIghlight of the museum for me was the Collectomania Exhibition on Level 4.  The museum simply asked people from Queensland to share/loan their “collections” and this resulted in a very diverse and fascinating exhibition.  There were snow domes, rocking horses, music festival armbands and a jar with 15 years worth of fingernail and toenail clippings – ew!  I just loved the way the museum places value on ordinary things that still mean a lot to people.

The museum staff were exceptionally helpful, attentive and friendly and I imagine that could be a big ask on a day that was as busy as today.  They were genuinely interested in what they were doing and striving to make everyone’s visit a pleasant one.


What Works For Me 42/365 Extending the Experience

What better way to follow up a visit to the museum than by creating a museum display of your own!  Daniel reminded me that he had kept the box from my office chair purchased a few weeks ago so we fashioned it into the beginnings of a diorama last night.  Then when I went shopping today I  was charged with the task of delivering paint back to my boy.  Then I came home to this.  The scene involved soldiers but apparently it will be adapted for dinosaurs when more are available. Just like the museum updating its displays really!

What Works For Me 41/365 Catching Up With Old Friends

Daniel and I spent a very happy afternoon at Queensland Museum South Bank  yesterday.  We were both eager to see how it was all looking after its recent refurbishments and for Daniel to check that all the dinosaur artifacts were all in order (being a future paleontologist and all!)  Once of the best discoveries for me was the one pictured. My Dad bought a golden teddy bear for me on the day after I was born and it was Joy Toys brand. By the time my sister came along they were no longer being manufactured and apart from mine which I still have I have never seen another one until yesterday.  This one was larger than mine but oh so familiar.