Die! Onions Die!

In a night that will go down in history, Daniel not only helped me cook dinner tonight but also banished me from the kitchen when he was confident in performing tasks himself.  We were trying out my shiny new Tupperware Smooth Chopper which I purchased with him in mind.  He is beginning to enjoy helping out in the kitchen more as he gets older but chopping things finely and not getting them everywhere is still very hard.  So we made rissoles with finely chopped carrot, zucchini and onion.  he wasn’t too sure about doing the onion because he knows it can make me teary but then he twigged the fact that with the lid on it wouldn’t be a problem.  And thus came the words, “Die! Onions die! You’ll never make me cry again!”

So the onions were a highlight followed by not only having the chance to break eggs (one of his favourite activities) and then to successfully beat them (another thing that has been tricky.)

I wouldn’t leave either of my boys unsupervised to put things and and out of the smooth chopper due to the very, very sharp blades but I did retreat when instructed that, “I can make this stuff into balls now Mum!”

(This post was not sponsored in any way by Tupperware but if they ever did want us to test anything we would be delighted to do so!)rissoles rissoles1 rissoles2 rissoles3


What Works For Me 68/365 Simple Ideas

Saw this idea on Facebook today and loved it.  It means I can keep my recipe clean so I can use it again and I can see it easily.  I’ve had recipe book holders but they are hard to keep clean, take up too much room on the bench and don’t hold paper recipes very well.  I’ve been sticking recipes up in the window poked into the side of the screen but I like my coat hanger much better!

What Works For Me 6/365 The Dishwasher

It’s simple one tonight but one that makes a big difference.  Now that I have lived with one in this house I would never want to live without a dishwasher.  It is especially wonderful tonight because we have entertained Eric’s best mate and his parents – a dinner party that was long overdue – but it is just as wonderful on other days and nights too.  We have a small cramped, badly planned (not by us) kitchen so while we can wash up by hand the logistics are ridiculous – nowhere to put clean dishes for example – the dishwasher just makes it all easier.  The plates, cups, glasses and utensils all “disappear” and we are left with a fairly manageable pile of pots and pans or maybe one pot if we are lucky.

The dishwasher gets better and better as the boys get older too.  I must admit there were those around here who were not too receptive to the idea of the boys loading or unloading the dishwasher.  The first issue was that they couldn’t reach up to the high cupboards to put things away.  I dealt with that by moving the things off the top pantry shelf which below my waist level and putting in one set of basic plates and bowls we would use every day.  That solved that.  Issue #2 was that *no one* could load the thing correctly.  One night when it was loaded correctly by the one who had the “issue” I checked that it was in fact loaded correctly and then took a photo which I laminated and stuck up on the neighbouring cupboard door. That was hugely successful and I must admit when I often refer to the photo myself – one less thing to think about.

So now we have the dishwasher unloaded fairly reliably every morning, we fill it up during the day and run it at night.  If we do a lot of food preparation, cooking or entertaining during the day it may get more than one run.  I haven’t researched it much but this article claims that the dishwasher compared to hand washing has a smaller carbon footprint.  And I do know it gets the dishes cleaner.

I’ve got lots of friends with much flasher kitchens than mine – including the most notable one we saw this week with two built in ovens, two built in microwaves and a butler’s pantry – but as long as I have my dishwasher I can put up with my poky little kitchen for a while longer.