Die! Onions Die!

In a night that will go down in history, Daniel not only helped me cook dinner tonight but also banished me from the kitchen when he was confident in performing tasks himself.  We were trying out my shiny new Tupperware Smooth Chopper which I purchased with him in mind.  He is beginning to enjoy helping out in the kitchen more as he gets older but chopping things finely and not getting them everywhere is still very hard.  So we made rissoles with finely chopped carrot, zucchini and onion.  he wasn’t too sure about doing the onion because he knows it can make me teary but then he twigged the fact that with the lid on it wouldn’t be a problem.  And thus came the words, “Die! Onions die! You’ll never make me cry again!”

So the onions were a highlight followed by not only having the chance to break eggs (one of his favourite activities) and then to successfully beat them (another thing that has been tricky.)

I wouldn’t leave either of my boys unsupervised to put things and and out of the smooth chopper due to the very, very sharp blades but I did retreat when instructed that, “I can make this stuff into balls now Mum!”

(This post was not sponsored in any way by Tupperware but if they ever did want us to test anything we would be delighted to do so!)rissoles rissoles1 rissoles2 rissoles3


What Works For Me 25/365 Damper

And no that does not mean it is “damper” than yesterday!  Thanks goodness because I had to chance to drive down to have morning tea with some lovely friends and then the boys and I went for a walk/scooter along the water to the boat harbour and back.

Being Australia Day, and being a bit peckish I thought I’d give damper a go.  I haven’t done this since I was a girl guide cooking mini dampers on the end of the stick held in the fire and today’s (thankfully) was much better.  I used this recipe from the taste.com.au site because whenever I want a recipe for anything I search there and 99% of the time I find something good.

Damper and gold syrup.

Happy Australia Day!

What Works For Me 21/365 Getting My Ducks In A Row

Yesterday was the day to get my act together for the week ahead.  I planned meals, wrote a shopping list, did a small grocery shop with boys and  organised clothes.  I did a green chicken curry last night so there was a serve of that left over for one of my lunches and I snagged a couple of spare buttermilk and blueberry pancakes from this morning.  I have few different things to help with scheduling.  On my computer I use iCalendar with colour coded events for every member of the family, meals and Little Athletics.  I print this out and put it up in the kitchen each week.  Because all my technology doesn’t link up I use a paper diary as well and I put some things on my phone if I am on the run.  I think the iCalendar printout is the most useful thing from a family perspective because they are looking at it and seeing what is happening.  It will be even better when I get my little kitchen notice board tidied up but it is all a work in progress.

What Works For Me 19/365 Lunch of Champions

Crunchy salad leaves, tin of tuna flavored or plain, small tin of chick peas.  If I use plain tuna I add a splash of balsamic vinegar.  It is that quick and easy!

What Works For Me 18/365 Teppanyaki!!!!

The boys and I had a magical experience on Wednesday night to help one of my BFFs celebrate her 40th birthday.  We ate at the Teppanyaki Room at Morgan’s Seafood Restaurant.

Now without mentioning the drive to Redcliffe in peak hour traffic the whole thing was awesome.  To quote the boys it was “the funnest restaurant we have ever been to.” I suspect that positioning myself next the 5 children there had it’s advantages too because the chef TC really performed for them.  Daniel went from almost covering his face with a plate at the start to demanding that the chef set fire to something else by the end.  And while I may not have ever been a success at netball it seems that I can catch three bowls in quick succession followed by a bowl of fried rice. Who knew?

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