What Works For Me 69/365 Ding Dong!

Perhaps I should say “knock, knock” because quite frankly there aren’t too many doorbells out there that work!

I have become an Avon Representative (aka an Avon Lady) and I’m up to my second “proper” campaign.  The boys and Daniel in particular, love to help with my rounds of dropping off and picking up brochures and orders.  The first thing they liked about it was that the campaigns were called “campaigns” because that sounds like something you might have in a war. Boys!

I have had to train up Daniel in a bit of the social etiquette required when going to a person’s house who you don’t already know.  It is not ok to run along a veranda and peer in the windows to see if anyone is coming when Mum knocks on a person’s door.  And, if you can’t see the brochure sticking out of the letterbox it isn’t good form to go into their yard behind their fence and open the letterbox from the back to rifle through it.  Luckily all of my customers who have met Daniel have become his friends.  Especially the dear little old lady that invited us in, sat Dan up on her sofa with biscuits and then proceeded to quiz me about lipsticks.  I looked up during the conversation to see Dan lying full length on her sofa.  When we got home and I shared what had happened, Anthony asked him what he was doing. “”What?” said Daniel, “Deal or No Deal was on!”

I have a “territory” which Avon says consists of 121 houses but I don’t think they’ve factored in units or the “hidden” houses of Corinda that can only be accessed from long driveways.  They also left out a couple of cul de sacs.  So I have yet to make it around all 121+ houses.  I’ve been putting brochures in letterboxes, going back three days later to collect brochures and knocking on doors if the brochure isn’t in the letterbox.  Sometimes they have no idea or have thrown the brochure out. (PLEASE don’t do this to your local Avon rep because we have to BUY the brochures!!)  Then at other times they have been waiting for me to call in and they have questions about products or how to place an order or work out the special deals etc.  So even thought it is a bit nerve wracking to knock on doors I’m still giving it a go until I work out who will be interested and who won’t be.  I’ve met lots of people who haven’t ordered yet but I’m hoping that by seeing that I’m not an axe-murderer and that I appear to be quite friendly and helpful they will consider buying from me in the future.

The best things about my territory is that our house is right smack in the middle of it so I know many of the people who live in the immediate area who can buy from me and more importantly tell their neighbours about me.  The other thing is that I can easily access all of it by foot.  The only time I use the car is if I have just a few things to do in one small area or if I’m out after dark which I try to avoid anywhere.

So I’m soldiering on and building up my customer base, spending time with my boys and getting lots of exercise.  I’ve got high hopes for the next campaign because I’m pretty sure I won’t be ending a job in the middle of it or having any medical dramas!

And of course if you’re in the Brisbane area and you’d like to look at something Avon related you know who to contact!


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