What Works For Me 67/365 Cause and Effect

My boys spend way too much time in front of screens, especially computer screens.  It cuts into their homework time and when I ask them to do a job for me around the house I invariably get told “just wait till I’ve finished this battle” or “I’ve only just got on and ‘he’s’ been on for HOURS!”

But not anymore.

Courtesy of a wonderful idea I saw on Face book that was posted by Michael Grose Parenting things have changed at Casa De McNamara.

The boys arrived home from school on Tuesday to the following post-it notes on the computer (pictured).  I predicted howls of outrage which did come true with one boy and happened in the form of a delayed reaction from the other boy when he thought he’d “just get on the computer for a little while” before bed.

The best thing about it was that I didn’t have to argue or negotiate, it was all laid out on the screen with no wiggle room.  Do this and you get computer time back.  Don’t do it and you won’t have computer time. Simple.


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