What Works For Me 65/365 You’ve Got What At Preschool?

Yes, It’s a rat.  He’s called Monty and he is winning hearts everywhere.  Not every heart because as adults we often have a lots of “baggage” or pre-conceived ideas about rats being dirty or scary but Monty is neither of these.  Firstly this type of rat is bred to be a pet. They are not the same species as the wild rats you might see or lab rats.  And unlike a mouse or a guinea pig who would run away if you put them down somewhere, Monty will just come back to you because he really is a “people rat.”

There are so many things our preschoolers (and Parents and Educators) can learn from having Monty.  I’m actually in the process of writing a “Monty Manual”, mainly for the families who might have Monty to stay with them for a weekend or overnight but also to explain how Monty fits into the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards.


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