What Works For Me 60/365 Over and Under the Rainbow

  This was an idea that grew out of St Patricks Day and associated rainbows and was inspired by the work of Deborah at her TeachPreschool blog.  When doing 3-D paper sculpture with her children, Deborah has them glue the pieces and then hold them for a count of ten to make sure they stick.  My children loved this!  I had demonstrated the process to the group and a few children took off with it and then demonstrated and taught each other what to do.  The results were wonderful and I have displayed them in a way which defies gravity in the hallway that leads to our room.

2 Comments on “What Works For Me 60/365 Over and Under the Rainbow”

  1. Deborah says:

    I am so glad you tried this with your students! Don’t they make such a wonderful display too?

  2. Thank-you Deborah! I love your work and read your blog often<

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