What Works For Me 57/365 When an IOU has to do

My boys attended their first Baby Shower with me on Saturday as I had to drive a fair way to get there and as usual I was a “Bowls Widow” for most of the day.  I didn’t tell them too much about it because I didn’t know if it would appeal to them and Daniel informed Anthony as we were leaving that we were off to a “Baby Bath” or “Baby Barf” if we are going to use Daniel’s pronounciation!

I’ve been working away on a present – two little pram blankets for the twin boys that are on their way but haven’t finished them because I am still waiting for another colour of yarn. So I had to do an IOU for this event.  I took a piece of yarn from each colour of the blankets and another piece that was the same colour as the yarn I am waiting for (but not the same yarn obviously!)  They were tied in a knot and popped into the card where I wrote:

My gift to you is an IOU

Two little rugs

To keep your boys snug!


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