What Works For Me 54/375 Sensing It

Some of the most popular activities so far in pre-school have been the easiest ones to prepare.  On this occasion I filled a plastic tub with shaving cream. We’ve also done colored rice and a jungle tub with popping corn, soup mix and wild animals.  Children find it very soothing and grounding to plunge their hands into something with different textures, sounds, sights and smells.  I’ve observed already that if someone is having a “fragile” day they will gravitate towards the sensory materials.  It stimulates language and vocabulary too because there are some nay words needed to describe so many new feelings.


One Comment on “What Works For Me 54/375 Sensing It”

  1. Isildae says:

    In eliot’s preschool report it says that he was very cautious of delving in to a tub of goop and frightened when he encountered a plastic animal but eventually became braver. It’s interesting the different reactions they have. How some hate getting their hands messy and how others crave the sensation.

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