What Works For Me 48/365 – Monkeys!

These may look like fairly ordinary monkeys to you but they have taken pre-school by storm this week.  It is just the front and back of a monkey torso and head, coloured in, cut out and glued together with some crossed over pipe cleaners in the middle for limbs.  The finished ones are hanging from many points around the ceiling as part of our “jungle”.  This activity was a bit of a diagnostic tool as well – there were the ones who can’t yet use scissors, those who can’t use glue and even those who can’t hold the pen securely enough to colour – whew!  I just take a deep breath and re-assure myself that I will never run out of things to do in pre-school.


2 Comments on “What Works For Me 48/365 – Monkeys!”

  1. Isildae says:

    I’d like to steal this for playgroup (mums will do the cutting). Is there a stencil available online ?

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