What Works For Me 44/365 Rice!

Wow!  I made myself (and my pre-schoolers) a big batch of coloured rice this week and created a sensory tub with rice, cars and lots of black plastic bottle tops.  I needn’t have bothered with the cars because they were soon abandoned for rice and bottle tops. The rice was scooped, swept, poured, sprinkled, measured and shaken.  There was a child who chose to walk across it repeatedly in bare feet and another who experimented by pouring it over another child’s hair – just a bit unfortunate that it was a child with “cornrows” in her hair.  It all added up to an amazing day. During the afternoon I brought it outside so a lot more play happened and then they swept with brooms and a dustpan and brush.  They did not get tired of sweeping and wanted to try all types of brooms and brushes.  I have put it aside for now but we’ve already had a request to make shakers so I’ll be planning to let that happen next week.


2 Comments on “What Works For Me 44/365 Rice!”

  1. Lynda says:

    Can I come to your preschool? It sounds like so much fun.

  2. Isildae says:

    Another great idea I can use at playgroup – we have a sand/water table but no sand. Might suggest rice instead.

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