What Works For Me 38/365 Crisis Averted

It has been a busy few weeks at our place.  Throw a full weekend of athletics into the mix with no time to plan or shop for the coming week and we were facing a crisis.  I was contemplating taking a couple of emergency rolls home from work but didn’t think it was  good look for week 2 on the job.  Thankfully the crisis has now been averted.


2 Comments on “What Works For Me 38/365 Crisis Averted”

  1. Isildae says:

    Have used paper towel in such an emergency but we always buy loo paper in bulk do it doesn’t happen often

  2. harrietarcher says:


    That is a crisis we never have! I have ummm issues with toilet paper. I had to stage an intervention on myself and reassure myself that having 24 rolls was probably sufficient for a family of four, and that one didn’t need to panic at all if we got down to 40 rolls of toilet paper!

    (Personally, I blame the ‘two minute noodle’ days of yore when I was adjusting to having a mortgage from paying share house rent each week… The number of times I ninja-ed a couple of rolls of toilet paper home from work to tide us over!!! Plus, I went through a phase of doing a big shop once a month, and I could never quite come to grips with how much paper we’d need)

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