What Works For Me 36/365 Bare Feet

Bare feet! Oh how I miss you!  Closed in shoes are a job requirement now and one that I would like to argue with.  What if I want to play in the sandpit?  Probably not worth arguing though because no doubt there are eleventy government regulations about closed in shoes.  I bet you can guess what I do first when I get home each night!


One Comment on “What Works For Me 36/365 Bare Feet”

  1. harrietarcher says:

    My shoes are the first things to come off as I come in the door for the day, too! And for the Little Kid… This morning, one shoe was in the play room, the other in the kitchen – he’s a mobile shoe remover. This makes for Fun Times in the mornings, I give you the tip!

    As for the closed toe shoe policy – I think for the first three jobs I had, there was a closed shoe policy (banking, retail and hospitality – all of which made perfect sense, really) and now, I can’t wear open toed shoes to work! I just cannot do it – it’s wrong, and I feel unsafe and underdressed!

    My first two jobs also had a no shoulders policy as well (loved starting work in the 80s lol) and while sleeveless was ok, it had to be proper sleeveless, no straps or halters or cut in sleeves. Weird how times have changed.

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