What Works For Me 35/365 Lots and Lots of Little Things

I started a shiny new job this week and it has a been a BIG week.  Five days of work with a late finish 6:15pm followed by an early start 6:45am, lots of extras being done at night and then a two day Regional Championships Little Athletics Carnival over the weekend.  I am the Records officer for our centre so I was a recording for the region over the two days with an early reprieve today so that I could take Eric to altar boy training – more on that to come!

While I sat between events yesterday, I had my basket of work stuff with me so I happily cut out lots and lots of letters for all the signage in my new room.  In fact, had I not been at the carnival I doubt I would have sat still long enough to get them all done.

It has been a week of “lots and lots.”

Lots and lots of:

sweat – it has been very humid!

work – but it is a lot of fun to work in such a happy, supportive environment

talking – to little people, big people and my new colleagues as we negotiate and celebrate how we are all going to co-exist

singing – Did you know that you can get pre-schoolers to do almost anything if it has a song attached to it?

research – Google and Pinterest are my friends (and my vices)

smiles – because I am so happy to be doing what I love once again!


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