What Works For Me 30/365 All Ready For Them

First day in a new workplace for me and first day of homework for the boys. Whew!

I arrived home before the boys and dh was cooking dinner (Hooray!) so I sat out on the deck with a coffee and my phone and my homework caddy. The photo was not taken on the deck because now I’m inside and trying to move off my chair as little as possible for a while.  It has been a BIG day.

I’ve tried a number of systems for dealing with homework over the years.  I’ve had the homework box with lid which housed the caddy I am now using but it got lost on the floor somewhere.  Last year I decided that if they were to focus the boys would need to work at a desk each in my office/bedroom.  That one never got off the ground because I never had enough space for them to work in.  They ended up doing homework in a number of different locations and homework and materials were spread all over the place.

So now I have the caddy which can go to wherever we are doing homework and they each have a magazine file in my office to store their homework during the week.  The magazine files aren’t quite ready yet but we’ll get there.


2 Comments on “What Works For Me 30/365 All Ready For Them”

  1. harrietarcher says:

    We are very space poor at ours – homework, office work etc all gets done in the dining room because there’s really nowhere else to do it! Of course, there’s half an idea that it gets done on the kitchen table (but as if…) I am going to set something like your caddy up for the boys this year. We have ordered a Cupboard that is going to be my office (it’s not a very big cupboard, either, lol) which will mean ALL the bill paying stuff will have a home, the laptops will have a home, my stalking stuff will all go in there as well. The Bloke will have his own office/cupboard and this will (hopefully) free up some space in the existing cupboard where the boys keep their art stuff and their modelling supplies… And in that space, their own set of everything. Pencils, grey leads, pens, rubbers… you name it. This will enable homework to start within two minutes of deciding to do it – not the 20-30 minutes of procrastination to find appropriate materials!

  2. Angela says:

    Nice one! Hope it works out this year. I like the way your solution is FLEXIBLE! I use the magazine files too and have a cane basket draw that I can wheel around wherever. I have a desk set up in the family room for Mikayla and we also regularly have to use the computer so when Kaelans homework starts I am hoping to be able to have one at desk and one at computer and then swap OR Kaelan can use the DR table. IT is easier to have a regular space for Mikayla becuase she needs her slopeboard etc………. and …… Failing that Mikayla will do her homework in the avo and Kaelan in the morning as HE is an EARLY RISER!

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