What Works For Me 27/365 Follow That Boy

I went walking with one of my boys last night – the talkative one, that should keep you guessing!  He walked with his spiderman umbrella and talked and talked and talked and I listened and plodded along trying to keep up.

The two take-aways from this are very simple.  I need to walk more and listen more.  I found out:

– why the new teacher is awesome

– lots of specualtion about what spectacuar earth moving equipment might be used for

– hypotheses about why the state school’s broken slide was now close to the shed

– the theory of how one might improve one’s spelling

– the anxiety about whether the house with the really cool letterbox had been “eliminated” because it would then be impossible to visit the really cook letterbox.

– the way a person might cope if the best mate’s soccer mate comes to school and the best friend and the soccer mate want to play soccer all the time

– the fact that metal drain covers are slippery and that I shouldn’t walk on them unless they have some extra cement on top of them in which case it would be fine

– the projected flood levels on the road we were walking down

– the reasons why people might be out driving in their cars at 7:00pm at night

– the reasons why it might not be a good idea to venture into the part to pick long grass for the guniea pigs when it was dark

– the theory as to why the dead bird was on the footpath outside the school and no kids had squashed it yet

– the method by which someone could get a pair of lace up shoes to hang from a power line and bafflement as to why someone would do that. “Because we couldn’t really afford our shoes could we Mum?” (Words to break my heart!)

– loud questions about why some people STILL had their Christmas lights up.  But then maybe they just think they look good.


One Comment on “What Works For Me 27/365 Follow That Boy”

  1. Angela says:

    We too, regularly have the same conversation abut teh lace up shoes that hang from the power line……and the one about the drain, and during a recent rainy day walk stopped at every single drain grill with the experssion “Wow, this is really interesting! LOOK at all that water MUM!”…….
    What a great way to spend time together 🙂

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