What Works For Me 24/365 Follow the Recipe

I could say to you that is post is brought to you by Samsung Galaxy but that would be a bit pretentious.  It is because of my wonderful phone and the fact that in the last week I have learned to use its GPS feature that I came up with this post. Today was my third trip to my temporary workplace and I am still using GPS to get there and to get home (mainly because of all the annoying one way streets in the area). Today was the most successful trip because I just did what I was told by the GPS and didn’t try to second guess it or decide that another way was better because I’ve come to realise over the last two days that it isn’t.

Another example of “winging it” that didn’t go so well was my orange coconut cake.  It called for 1 & 3/4 cups of coconut.  I only had 1 so I substituted more flour for the shortfall. Hmmmm. I should have got in the car, gone into Coles and bought more coconut.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty good around almost every type of cake making and I know my way instinctively around most of Brisbane.  But right now when there is so much going on, temporary job, Australia Day, permanent job, boys back at school etc etc I need to just follow the instructions in some instances because maybe there isn’t enough of my brain to go around!


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