What Works For Me 22/365 Do You Believe In Miracles?

This morning my 8.5 year old son VOLUNTEERED to clean the toilet.

I kid you not.

This is how it happened.

I enlisted his help with making an orange cleaning spray.  Back on December 31, we filled a tall glass jar 3/4 full with white vinegar and then every time he ate an orange (which is frequently) I peeled it with a vegetable peeler to avoid the pith and we put the rinds into our jar.  After three weeks it had brewed up nicely so this morning we strained it off, discarded the rinds and diluted it 50/50 with more white vinegar and hey presto! Cleaning spray!

Daniel couldn’t wait to put on the gloves (so that he looked more professional apparently) and tackle the toilet.  I’m already thinking of what other cleaning products we might concoct.

For anyone who is following our process we have our left over concentrate in a another jar under the sink and we’ve started a fresh jar of vinegar for our orange rinds.  We could have made this cleaner with lemons or grapefruit and any other citrus.


2 Comments on “What Works For Me 22/365 Do You Believe In Miracles?”

  1. isildael says:

    Does it work? I’m always looking for uses for the lemons from our tree.

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