What Works For Me 21/365 Getting My Ducks In A Row

Yesterday was the day to get my act together for the week ahead.  I planned meals, wrote a shopping list, did a small grocery shop with boys and  organised clothes.  I did a green chicken curry last night so there was a serve of that left over for one of my lunches and I snagged a couple of spare buttermilk and blueberry pancakes from this morning.  I have few different things to help with scheduling.  On my computer I use iCalendar with colour coded events for every member of the family, meals and Little Athletics.  I print this out and put it up in the kitchen each week.  Because all my technology doesn’t link up I use a paper diary as well and I put some things on my phone if I am on the run.  I think the iCalendar printout is the most useful thing from a family perspective because they are looking at it and seeing what is happening.  It will be even better when I get my little kitchen notice board tidied up but it is all a work in progress.


One Comment on “What Works For Me 21/365 Getting My Ducks In A Row”

  1. Katrina says:

    Something I never managed to do was be organised and now it doesn’t matter….Andrew has his own schedule and does his own thing and as it changed at any given moment there is no point in me trying to track it….Heidi is working full time in her gap year and does her own thing, as it varies if she is working days or evenings or a mix of both….Tash is in Yr 12 and her schedule is ruled by her school work and study

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