What Works For Me 17/365 Getting by with a little help from my friends

I’m officially doing some quick catch-ups now for the last few days that have been action-packed!

Tuesday was not a very happy day.  The grind of job-hunting was really getting me down.  I was green with envy thinking about all the people going back to school and our finances were stressing me big time.

I had coffee with a friend in the afternoon and that was good but even better was the Internet chat on Tuesday night.  I’ve had some Internet friends for a LOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG time.  So they know me pretty well.  You know the scenario when you are solving a problem as they say, “What would you tell your best friend to do?”

That is what was happening on Tuesday night. There were some tears shed and some resolutions made and I was back to full strength on Wednesday and ready to take on the world again!


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