What Works For Me 14/365 Olympic Opportunity

It might be a stretch but I had to get the word “Olympic” in there because it will most likely be the only time I ever get to use that word with anything involving my sons.  Eric got picked as one of 2 under 11 boys from our Little Athletics Centre to run in an exhibition race at the Brisbane Track Classic this evening. I can say “Olympic” because some of the times achieved by some of the more senior athletes would have served as Olympic qualifying times.

So while our boys will never be in an Olympics, they got to wear special race numbers, they had their names announced to the whole stadium as they stood on the starting line and they heard the roar of the crowd as they raced down the straight.  It was such a great experience to see all that and to just marvel at some of the feats achieved by the “big guns”.  We got to see Sally Pearson and Jana Pittman in action, some scarily strong javelin throwers and a Madison race over 3000m which has never been done at that meet before – it involves a cyclist and runners and pacing and sprinting and people dropping out at various points.

It was a wonderful opportunity for some of our athletes which was provided free by Queensland Athletics and we are very appreciative of the chance to see some of the big names go through their paces. Roll on London 2012!


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