What Works For Me 10/365 A Little Bit of Lace

It is too hot to do anything really but in the past couple of days I’ve finished two cotton dishcloths.  And in the process I’ve taught myself to follow a couple of simple lace patterns.  I haven’t actually done any lace knitting before so there was a bit of “frogging” and “tinking” and muttering as I counted, and re-counted and tried to keep track of where I was in the pattern I was following.  But now they are done and they’ve given me a bit more confidence to try some other patterns.  They will also be mine to use in my kitchen as prototypes for what I may eventually sell to make some much needed pocket money.


3 Comments on “What Works For Me 10/365 A Little Bit of Lace”

  1. fifikins says:

    I refuse to use mine in the kitchen! I use them as washcloths in the bathroom!

  2. Angela says:

    These look very interesting. Do they work better than disposable cloths? Just wondering? And did you say they are made of ‘lace?”

  3. They are knitted from cotton yarn but in a lace pattern so they can handle the same rough treatment you’d given any dishcloth. They really are quite durable. Shall I post you one?

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