What Works For Me 3/365 Girlie Things

When you are the mother of boys and without another female in the house you do need some “girlie” things in life.  Today I’m sharing a couple of my favourites.  My china coffee mug – made from the fine china not the thick ceramic and decorated with flowers rather than slogans like “Grumpy Old Bowler,” “Most Wanted Dad”, or “Caution! Receding Hare Line.”  That’s not to say that we actually have coffee mugs with those slogans.  The ideas were just er, the first that sprang to mind.  So I like my coffee in my nice china mug.  I really like it when Eric makes it and brings it in to me too!

My latest “girlie” thing came in the form of a Christmas present from my little sister.  It is perfume but with an atomizer rather just an ordinary spray.  I have never owned one of these in my life and now I’m putting on perfume every time I leave the house because it is such a novelty.  The boys actually think it is a novelty too and have offered to spray the perfume for me.  Haven’t accepted that offer yet!

So even though our house and yard are strewn with Lego, Nerf guns, water guns and toy cars I think it is important for boys to see some of this feminine stuff as they are growing up, especially if they are growing up without a sister or two.  Maybe it will plant the seed for later life and when they have another female in their lives (definitely not for many. many, many, many years!!!!) they will already have some ideas stored away of things she might like and even more importantly the way she might like to be treated.

So, mothers of boys or mostly boys, do you have some special “girlie” stuff that is yours alone?

In all fairness, there is one other female member of our household called Vera who is an old blue cattle dog.  She doesn’t go in much fro fine china mugs or perfume (except what she gets after a nice hydro-bath at the Pet Cafe) but she looks after us with great determination.  There isn’t a bird, postman, walker or bike that goes past our place without Vera barking like a maniac.  Unless she’s asleep.


2 Comments on “What Works For Me 3/365 Girlie Things”

  1. harrietarcher says:

    I am the only girlie in Man’s Land as well… I don’t have a lot of girlie things now I come to think about it. I do have a favourite mug (which I used to have to fight D for, so I ended up tracking down and buying four more…which is why we have FIVE identical “perfect” white, bone china mugs). And I suppose I have my Beauty Case – but I tell you what, the number of times I have to tell sticky little fingers to NOT LOCK IT!!!! Argh!

  2. Lorraine says:

    I’m not much of a girly girl but my boys seem to know and understand the subtle differences. Brett usually chooses a flowery mug for me when making tea for us and last mother’s day they bought something suitably feminine. I agree it’s good for them to see girl things around. There’s more of it now that we have Mabel and I feel truly blessed to have both sons and a daughter. The difference between the boys and girls I’ve noticed is that both are fascinated by me putting on make-up / perfume / nail polish etc. but only Mabel wants to actually copy me (although Brett did too when younger).
    The perfume atomizer is beautiful, I’ve always wanted one like that. My Aunt (who I used to call my frilly Aunt because she was very girly girl) had one along with a huge pink powder puff that I coveted.

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