What Works For Me 1/365 – Breakfast of Champions

This is my toasted maple muesli served with vanilla yoghurt and mixed berries.  It is very filling which helps with long busy days and it is cold so easy to eat even when it is really hot.  I love my oats for sticking to my ribs during winter but until I discovered this late last year I’d never found anything as filling for breakfast in summer.

It is different every day too.  Today was mixed berries, tomorrow will be kiwifruit and so on.  I celebrated the return of cheap bananas with the this stuff when I made it for the first time.

Over to you dear readers: What is your breakfast of champions?


2 Comments on “What Works For Me 1/365 – Breakfast of Champions”

  1. Very similar…

    I have home made muesli almost every single day – with greek yoghurt and fruit on it. Today was white peach, yesterday, apricots! In winter, I make a mixture of frozen and tinned berries and have that instead or with tinned peaches. It’s a good breakfast.

  2. wjcsydney says:

    I like smoothies.. fruit (strawberries, nectarines, mango), soy milk, apple juice or watermelon, ground almonds (or silken tofu if I am not using soy milk – I don’t double up on soy) and a splash of flaxseed oil

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