I don’t often venture into the garden…

However, there were a few things crying out for attention so I did.

I’ve been growing some herbs on my back deck and lost the thyme but had parsley and basil.  I had tried peeping them up with some of those water holding crystal things but didn’t read the instructions.  So the water was being conserved but great quantities of soil were being pushed up and out of the pots.  So I got everything tipped out into a bucket and re-mixed and re-potted.  The parsley was in several little plants with their own little tap roots so I’ve spread them right out among three pots in the hope that I get a decent crop of the stuff.

Of course that led to some light weeding around the roses and a dose of rose food for them.  Dh decided we no longer needed a front garden bed before Christmas so he moved my 4 rose bushes into a narrow bed that runs alongside the house.  They are hanging on, just, but I don’t yet know whether they will survive the experience.

Then I divided up a couple of Celosia plants that Daniel bought before Christmas and re-potted a Bird of Paradise plant which has also moved up onto the deck.

Then I was involved in a ferocious battle.

Yes, you read right.

There is quite a proliferation of water based weaponry at our place and it all came out today.  Pride of place was given to Anthony’s new battery operated water rifle that the boys bought him for Christmas but we have a number of pump action guns that were also put t good use.  Not that it was all high tech.  The old “pyrex jug of water tipped over deck railings on the unsuspecting head below” trick is an oldie but a goodie.


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