A Little Bit of Decorating

We didn’t get to do much extra decorating this year and a lot of our lights have given up the ghost but I did get two little projects done.  Using cut out “slices” from cardboard tubes I made Silver Christmas Stars with Daniel and I managed to finish my Christmas star garlands for each boy.

The star garlands had ten stars each which made a total of 20 stars.  That total isn’t really important until you consider the “blocking” of the stars which took 200 pins.  My poor thumb!  I was very happy with the finished result however!

The cardboard roll stars were pretty easy with the use of the hot glue gun.  Daniel enjoyed having a go of Mum’s hot gun even though he had to be VERY careful.  Silver paint and clear sparkly glitter finished them off.

I’ve seen many ideas for Christmases to come and I’ve been pinning and pinning and pinning.

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2 Comments on “A Little Bit of Decorating”

  1. isildael says:

    I hate blocking. They do look fab though – well worth the effort.

  2. Blocking certainly isn’t my favourite thing either and I’m going to have to block my Guernsey wrap with blocking wires and everything when it’s done but my friend Lynda from the Yarn Shop will help me.

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