On my needles

Strictly speaking there are some things “on my needles” that I cannot speak of just yet because it would spoil some surprises for December 25th.  However there are some bits and pieces I am working on that can be shared and inded should be as they are making me happy.

Firstly some “older projects” are being worked on intermittently.  My Jared Flood Guernsey Wrap is a good project to take places now that I am reasonably quick at reading the grid for the pattern.  I estimate that I am about 75% through it but in the end it is going to need a “severe” blocking with blocking wires which I am a bit nervous about by Lynda from Threads and More has stated quite firmly that I will survive the process with her help.







For some Christmas decorating I have started on a couple of things.  I’m doing a Christmas tree garland in random “vintage” colours using tapestry yard as it sits nice and flat.  The actual Christmas tree pattern is designed by the Woollen Hippy.  It is an absolute hoot to dip my hand into the bag and knit with whatever I draw out!  They also knit up very quickly so I don’t think it will take too long to finish.  I may embellish with gold beads but haven’t decided for certain.  I certainly didn’t do greens for the leafy part of the tree like she did and because I do not crochet I couldn’t do the ornaments for the top but now that I have seen some of hers with bows at the top, that could definitely be a possibility.

The other thing I’m working on is “star garlands” for the boys from the blog Knitting in Color.  I was very dubious about these after the first ones I knitted up looked like pentagons rather than stars but after I moaned to Anissa at Threads and More she said, “Block ’em!”  I should have known better.  So after a good blocking with the steam iron they were much more “star-like” so I will continue with them. 

That is all I can share for now but there will be more things after Christmas so that no surprises are ruined!


4 Comments on “On my needles”

  1. creativeniss says:

    did i really say it like that! i sound like a boof head! lol

  2. isildael says:

    I was at a play the other day and an old woman sitting near me gave me a crocheted stocking for Mabel to hang on our tree. I love handmade decorations and you’ve got some great gift ideas. I just can’t knit in summer for some reason, can’t stand the feel of yarn on my fingers. Am x-stitching instead.

  3. I know you still love me Niss!

  4. I knit as much as I can with cotton yarn in summer and yet nothing pictured in this post is knitted from cotton. So you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

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