Instead of a Candy Cane

There, I’ve said it.  Can’t stand candy canes.  They get sticky and messy.  I worry about kids running around while sucking them and getting injured.  Now I know there is a Jesus message in there somewhere and this is wonderful of course it is my view that at Christmas there are many other :healthier” ways to get the Jesus message across. The traditional thing to do in the schools/pre-schools my sons have attended is for children to laboriously write out Christmas cards for everyone in the class and enclose a candy cane.  Now I apologize to parents of the friends of one of my off-spring but this whole effort, until I retrieve the actual card, gets pulled out of his bag and flung into the bin.  The other off-spring stock-piles his to eat at convenient moments (playing games on Dad’s computer for example, not mine). My children are not writers in the handwriting sense.  It all a bit hard and tedious and they simply do not get a good finished product so writing out 20+ Christmas cards each was going to be absolute torture all round.  I knew they wanted to have something to “give out” and there is no. spare. money. so I decided on Christmas bookmarks. We designed them on the computer cooperatively, I printed them, the boys wrote the recipient’s name and their name on them.  Then I cut them out, laminated them and we punched a hole in one end to add a ribbon.  It was a bit of a process and it did take a fair chunk of time but at least we were all satisfied at the end of it and had a finished product that we were pleased with. I’m all for promoting reading and if these help towards that it will be an added bonus.  Who knows? Maybe someone, years down the track,  will bring out the dear little bookmark they got from their mate in Year 2/5.  I just hope that it lasts longer than the card and candycane


One Comment on “Instead of a Candy Cane”

  1. isildael says:

    That’s a great idea. I’m almost inspired to copy you except A) I’ve misplaced the laminator and B) I’m too lazy! LOL

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