Getting Things Sorted on the Home Front

It has certainly taken a while but we’re beginning to get things on an even keel here at home too.  I’m getting back into following regular routines especially getting the clothes organised the night before and making lists, lots of lists.

The temptation when I get home and I am tired is to sit in front of the computer and while away the time but since I acquired my new phone (Samsung Galaxy Android) I’m beginning to use more and more apps for organising and I’m tweaking it all into a system that work for me.  I’ll share more about the apps I am using a bit further down the track when I have really got a good system going.  But just as a taster, the Alarm Clock Plus and Drinking Water apps are some of my favourites so far.  I can’t get the Weight Watchers App because I have an android phone but I have been shown one that is just as good.  I’m tracking in e-tools for now and I have a lot of information stored so I don’t know if I will change or not.

Getting up early is really important so I can get a good head start on the day before my usual shift time begins (8:15am) and it follows that going to bed early is very much needed too.  I’m sleeping better than I have in years thanks to the increased physical work (and I am getting faster at putting away 24 beds after rest time while doing crowd control at the same time.)

I have to admit to being a bit apprehensive about the Christmas holidays when I will be working right through apart from school holidays.  There will be less children  but I imagine I will still be doing the same hours so Christmas itself is going to be quite an organizational feat.  Perhaps I should make a plan this week.  Thanks to book club at work I already have two of the boys’ presents on the way.


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