With 93 Days until Christmas…

I thought I’d share this poem by Pam Young because it gave me a giggle.

Magazine Christmas

I want a magazine Christmas
With a tree in every room
I’ll hire a choir to sing on my porch
With a thousand poinsettias in bloom

I’ll carefully cast a Nativity Scene
From the folks in my neighborhood
I’m close to a farm so I’ll borrow
A cow and a lamb would be good

They’ll stand in my yard in a spotlight
From dusk until ten o’clock
My kids’ll be thrilled with the spectacle
Hope it snows, if it doesn’t, I’ll flock

My gingerbread house will need blue prints
The Sistine Chapel no less
I’ll bake cookies and pies and make candy
And I won’t leave the kitchen a mess

I’ll make all the presents and Christmas cards
The bows and the Christmas wrap too
I’ll deck all the halls with the holly I’ll cut
From a tree that I found near the zoo

My car will resemble the jolly old sleigh
I’ll paint it a Christmas red
The only thing missing on Christmas day
Will be me, because I will be dead


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