If Deb can do it…

Perhaps I can too!  This week at Weight Watchers was “Ambassador Week” which meant we got to hear from some inspirational Weight Watchers members who courageously agreed to share some of their story.  At the meeting I attended on Friday morning we heard Deb and Stella speak.  Both were wonderful and Stella is already a dear freind of mine but I found I could relate a bit more to Deb’s story as Stella is at a slightly different life stage to me.

Deb wasn’t into exercise at all when she started but that has really changed now.  It was a great moment when someone asked if she had toned up by going to the gym and she flexed her very shapely biceps in reply!  I could relate to that because I’m currently in the process of moving from absolutely no exercise at all to trying to do at least something each day.  I’ve got many things in mind but haven’t followed through on them all yet.  I have done a couple of sessions at my own gym but until now had stuck to the plan I had worked out with my wonderful physiotherapist.  As of Tuesday that will change because I’m meeting with one of their trainers to work out a proper plan.  I’ve also got my eye on Yoga and Pilates classes, then Body Balance further down the track.  I’ve gone as far as working out the times of the classes and thinking through what might happen if I cannot make it through a class but I haven’t actually got there yet.  They are both on at 7:30pm and I’m still finding that I am very tired by that time of day.  I have considered the Yoga class that is on at 5:45am on a Friday but only for about 10 seconds!  Deb is now being flogged by a personal trainer on a regular basis and I’m certainly not aspiring to that at the moment but it might be possible later on when I am fitter financially as well as physically.

When asked about how she managed to lose weight without exercising Deb insisted that she was “anal” about her food intake.  She counted, measured and tracked fervently in order to reach her goal. So as of today I have gotten myself back on the tracking bandwagon.  I’ve already got dinner in the tracker so that I don’t slip up tonight although there is still room to wiggle this week as I haven’t yet touched my 49 spontaneity points.

Deb looked sensational.  She had curves and wasn’t afraid to show them off in a stunning dress.  Apparently I have curves too but I wondered where they were hiding until I found this photo which had been taken quite some time ago.  They are still there but just hidden temporarily.  I think this photo needs to be displayed on my fridge!




4 Comments on “If Deb can do it…”

  1. Felicity says:

    Fabulous photo! With your positive outlook you will be there again in no time at all. Good success with the journey.

  2. Thanks Felicity,
    The dog and I will be looking for walking buddies after this week on the days I’m not working. Unfortunately Vera doesn’t have the social skills to hang out with your dogs but I’m sure we could work out something.

    • Felicity says:

      Very sadly, Teresa, walking together will have to wait a while. The MOTH has been transfered to Perth for 15 months from mid-September. Feel welcome to come on over as we have a spare bedroom.

  3. jodie o'regan says:

    it is a nice photo. I know you will go well with this possum.

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