My Craft Projects – A Progress Report – Knitting















I did take all of these nice photos out in the back yard in the lovely afternoon light but something weird happened to them so you will have to make do with some less pretty ones taken inside!  This is my Textured Throw which only needs the short side edges to be finished and attached.  One is knitted and one is on the needles so it is very close to being finished.

Then comes the Dream Blanket.  I am up to panel 4 out of 5 and I have knitted 3 of the 5 letters.  I’m currently knitting up the blue panel with a delicious purple panel to finish off with.  The knitted letters will be stitched on with some sort of decorative stitch, the five panels will be sewn together.  There will be tassels using all five colours on each end and I have commissioned a very dear crocheting friend to crochet borders along the long sides.  It will be a happy happy day when I finally have this one done and of course it will be photographed at the shop with four of my knitting friends to help.

This week I have been toiling away on my “New Job” vest.  The “new job” has now become an old job but I am flying along with this one in the hope that it can soon be a vest for another new job!  I have the back and two fronts down as well as diamond shaped insert panels for the sides to give it the “hankie hem” look.  Those who I have “helped” with their knitting by ripping it out for them will no doubt be pleased to know that last night I had to frog one of the fronts right back to the armhole because I had created two “left fronts”.  All was restored by this morning and I only need to do the neck band on the front piece, then two long button and buttonhole bands and then I can sew the thing together.  I’ll be excited to finish this one too because when I was listening to Suzie the Stylist a couple of weeks ago I realised that this vest was going to have great potential.


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