My Craft Projects – A Progress Report – Cross Stitch

There has been very little cross stitch done since I got into knitting and I’ve just realised that I didn’t photograph one of my projects.  It can be updated another day.  My longest running project is the “Tropical vacation Window”.  I’m up to backstitching which is making the design really pop but there is SO MUCH back-stitching.  It will take a bit of true grit to get this one finished.

Then I have “Domestically Challenged”.  I’ve got a couple of other pieces by this same designer so I’m envisioning a trio of cushions one day.  I love the bright cheery colours in this one as well as all the black and white.

My most recent project is “Iris and Blackwork” which I started a few weeks ago when I was fed up with endless garter stitch knitting and needed something different. And different it is!  I’m loving the blackwork and beading but am not looking forward to using the metallic thread supplied.  In fact I will most likely substitute some golden coloured DMC because life is too short to fight with metallic threads.

Last but not least is the beginnings of a Christmas decoration for my smallest nephew. Shhhh!



2 Comments on “My Craft Projects – A Progress Report – Cross Stitch”

  1. northernnarratives says:

    Hi. I haven’t done any cross-stitch lately but your beautiful projects make me want to get out my floss again! Judy

  2. Thank-you Judy. It is very gratifying to think that i am inspiring someone!

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