Desperate Times…

I’ve been bored and lonely today. So bored I rang dh and asked if he could come home early.  Yes I was that desperate!  He is going to bring the boys home from OSHC earlier than he would normally but left me with several long hours stretching out ahead of me.  There was the prospect of the tuna sandwich and prunes for lunch.  Yes, I’m eating prunes to er- keep everything moving and that is enough on that subject!

So I ordered a pizza and between Vera and I half of said pizza was consumed.  It was very extravagant and not very healthy but it did a bit for my mental health which needs looking after too!

It was chicken and feta and it was good!


2 Comments on “Desperate Times…”

  1. Angela says:

    mmmmm im a bit of a vergorama girl myself but chicken and feta does sound good :).
    Sounds like you need a GOOD BOOK or a project to work on to help aleviate the boredom…..

  2. creativeniss says:

    yes I agree with Angela a good book is what you need, when hubby is home, go to the library and get a few Debbie Macomber books, (you can only get them at the librbay you cant buy them here!) or better still hop on the BCC library site and order them, then someone just has to pick them up for you. They are all based in a knitting shop and a stitch and bitch group. great time passers!

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