Trundling my Trolley

Hopefully this will be a more positive post than the whinge that I posted in the early hours of this morning!

Many people have asked how I am managing to get around with two injured ankles.  I had to master crutches before leaving hospital and both ankles are immobilized with splints.  Thankfully the right ankle which was “just” sprained is feeling much better and I can bear weight on it quite easily.  I cannot stay on it for too long however and I have to avoid any twisting or rolling movements because they really hurt and could cause me to utter some words that you really don’t want to hear.  The left ankle which has a “non-displaced fracture of the lower tibia” is a different proposition.  According to the specialist it was well on its way to being broken but the ligaments held it all together.  And according the the physio I had for hydro on Tuesday it is more unusual to fracture the tibia because that is the larger bone in the shin.  As I have said all along, it takes extraordinary talent to sustain two injuries at once!  It cannot handle much weight at all and basically doesn’t enjoy moving very far full stop.  It’s the one that hurts when i put it up or down and when I roll over in bed.

So crutches it is but I am quite blessed to have been loaned the little trolley in the photo.  It carries all the necessities of life including: water, tissues, pain meds, wipes, mobile phone and knitting project.  I just push it ahead of me when I move around the house and best of all I can transport food on it which saves me from eating at the kitchen bench.  It gives me some measure of  control over my environment and a tiny bit more independence.


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